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North Carolina Home Inspection Licensure Board (NCHILB)

Governs the licensing and regulation of NC home inspectors and provides the “Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics”, to which we adhere.

National Home Security Alliance

Keeping your home and family safe.

EPA Brochure - “Make Your House a Healthy Home”

This brochure touches on some of the above topics, other common household health hazards and tips to help you save energy.

DIY Home Energy Audit Guide

A useful guide on Do-It-Yourself home energy audits that can help improve efficiency in our home

Homeowners Maintenance Guide

In-depth guide with tips for maintaining a properly functioning home.

Home Buying Guide

HUD's guide to buying a home, with step by step instructions on what to do next in your purchasing process.


Be informed on how to control moisture and mold growth in your home.


This site provides valuable information on asbestos mineral fibers found in many products.


Learn how lead affects your health.

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